Work Bench in Freestanding and Built-In Types

Freestanding Workbench Idea

In fact, a garage is not complete if there is no work bench. If you need to do mechanical works, crafts, or arts, having this bench is a must. The option of work benches vary in great choices. However, this article will only focus on two types of benches. Here are some brief explanations for the details of each type.

For the first option, there is freestanding type. The biggest advantage from this bench is, it is portable. You just need to add wheels and you can move it wherever you want. This ability is so handy, especially in times when you need to clean the garage or when you are working on a big project. This type of bench can give a good access from all sides. However, this type needs much material to make. In other words, it costs much money as well. For more, the bench also requires quite big space in the room.

Built-In Workbench Ideas

Second, there is built-in work bench. It is a good choice for people who have limited budget and material to make the benches. For more benefits, this type also does not need big space in the garage. Thus, it is perfect for any small room, while can give the best service as well. For more function, it can give more storage space. Just simply add the pegboard and you can use it to store your tools.

Unfortunately, this one also has the cons side. This model will not ease you in moving the bench. Hence, approaching the project you are having from different angle or reaching the dropped tool will be difficult through this bench. It also needs good consideration of the garage arrangement first. In addition, once you have built this type of work bench, you cannot change your garage layout easily.

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