The Types and Designs of Bar Chairs

Round Wooden Bar Chairs Ideas

People use bar chairs for seating furniture in bar or kitchen with high countertop. In commercial bar or pub, this one is usually a stool. The difference between chair and stool is in the seating design. Chair mostly refers to a design with back and armrest. On the other side, stool is only flat padding without additional armrest and backside. However, both are normally called chairs for bar, regardless the design or model. As long as the seating furniture is placed against high bar table, you can call them as chair or stool. The name is interchangeable each other in commonplace.

Colorful Leather Bar Chairs

This kind of chair is available in various designs. The simplest one is round chair with small padding for one person. The material is from wooden, and it’s suitable for most bar decorations. Sometimes, you can find round stool with metal feet. The bar chairs also have design that’s resemble normal chair but with high stand. It does not have high backrest, but it’s enough to hold your waist. The design may be old with wooden as the key material, or modern style where single feet as stand to hold the seating surface. In general, those chairs are for indoor bar or pub.

The next thing is about height that’s available in few options. Usually, stool for bar has height around 70 cm. For extra height, the chair will have at least 90 cm. The lower one is less than 55 cm, but it’s rare for the bar table with high countertop. Normal and high bar stool is usually for single person seating against long high table. On the other side, low chair is for seating arrangement where one table has three to five chairs around the countertop. For security and safety purposes, some bar chairs are mounted to the floor. Besides, the chair might use bracket to lock and keep it unmovable.

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