The Evolution of Ballroom that You Should Know

The Dharmawangsa House Nusantara Ballroom

If you are interested in dancing, you must have ever heard about Ballroom. This term has been known by many people since hundreds years ago. However, as the days keep going on, the use of this term also refer to wider meaning, and of course with some change as well.

On other occasions, this room is also called as ballhall. It is a large room inside a building, whose the purpose is to hold formal parties in large scale, called balls. In the traditional time, most balls usually were held in private houses. A mansion may have one or even more ballrooms. Other houses sometimes also double the function of ballrooms for other kinds of activity. It can be used as a drawing room or long gallery.

Talking about ballroom in traditional way, the dancing actually continues to evolve from time to time. Right now, there are many forms of dances. However, basically they all have the same style, which is dancing with a partner and communicating with him or her from the foot work or even body language. Through dancing, you can socialize and meet many new people. At first time hearing this, you might think this is very difficult to do. However, it is actually pretty easy, as long as you have practiced first.

This day, the term of ballrooms is usually being used to call nightclubs. When traditionally people ask a partner to dance by saying ‘having a ball’, this time the term also grows to ask people for having fun. It is not limited to dancing only.

Even though the dancing or the meaning of this term is evolving, there is still one thing that’s being kept by traditional ballrooms until today. It is the flooring. The type is either in hardwood or stone flooring. One of the most used materials for ballroom is marble.

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