Teak Storage Bench Features and Details

Outdoor Teak Storage Bench

For outdoor spaces, having a storage bench is a kind of challenge, moreover if the space is not too big. There are many choices of storage benches out there. If you are interested to have it, you need to know everything about it first. This time, this article will share about the pros and cons of two types of storage benches.

Teak Storage Bench Without Backrest

Well, to begin with, there is a scissor style for storage benches. This type will give additional support and the ease of assembling process. To be more precise, there is only 12 screws to handle. For more, this type of bench usually comes in affordable price. There are many variations of colors. If you want to make the finishing by yourself, you can do it easily by painting it with outdoor acrylic paint. Choose any color as you like to match the decoration.

Indoor Teak Storage Bench

On the other side, the scissor storage bench also has some cons to be considered. First, the bench cushion is not included in the set. Therefore, you will need to spend more money if desired to have comfortable cushions. Second, this bench is not hinged to pen the storage. As the result, you need to remove the top of seating deck.

Second, there is also storage benches made of teak wood. If you are looking for durable benches, this one will give the best choice. In addition, besides long durability, the benches made of this material also have a high quality of construction.

On the cons side, this type might be pricey. However, it is worth as you do not need to spend more money to change it for generations. Same as the previous one, it rarely comes with cushion as well. Therefore, you need to buy it separately to complete the comfort of this storage bench.

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