Sonic Sound Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

A Girl Stopping Alarm clock

People utilize alarm clock to remind them about activities that they are going to do at certain periods of time. It can be waking up in the morning or even notice of cooking time. Unfortunately, there are cases where the clock does not ring loud enough to give you notice. The result is: you miss the perfect timing to conduct a certain activity. It can cause disruption in your daily schedule.

Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

This particular clock can produce extremely loud sound up to 113db. Even somebody who tends to sleep heavily will wake up immediately upon hearing its alarm sound. However, there are people that may complain about the disturbance that such clock will bring especially if one lives in communal area. Luckily, the clock offers variety of functions that are not limited to its sonic sound.

This alarm clock is equipped with a tool named “Bed Shaker”. When it comes to the time that the clock should provide notice to the user, it can shake instead of letting out noises. The shaking is adjustable. You can easily control its strength. It can be placed under your pillow, so when the alarm goes off, you will wake up immediately from the sheer of its shaking strength.

As a digital clock, this clock displays the time very clearly. Its time display takes a huge space in the middle of the clock’s body. The time is displayed in glaring red color. Because of that, you will be able to see the time even when the room is in dim light. There is an adjuster for the clock’s volume so user can decide on how loud they want the clock to be. The alarm clock can be maintained in a long time. There is test function to check on the clock’s setup. It is also equipped with a battery backup.

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