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Best Distressed Bookcase Collections for Appealing Interior Decor

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Published at November 26th, 2019. Posted by Ziat in Furniture.

Tacky but stylish, these are the focal points of distressed furniture. Distressed furniture emphasizes a classic yet warm look that is familiar to everyone.

Who would have guessed that distressed furniture would be loved by many people especially book lovers?

A distressed bookcase is a very romantic piece of furnishings, suitable for both storing and displaying treasured items such as your best-loved books, family photos, vintage home decor ornaments, and a few other knick-knacks that embellish your entire home.

You can find the special distressed bookcase for your home sweet home in the list below.

The classic wooden distressed bookcase

Appealing Classic White Distressed Bookcase with Decorative Potted Plants

This bookcase is ideal to display ornaments of your choice in a long period of time, thanks to its sturdy wooden material.

This furnishings offers three open shelves which are very practical and of high functional value.

At the very top of the shelf you can place some decorative items in bold colors to add the “pop” onto the white paint, which might seem to be extra ordinary to those who’d love striking colors.

Overall, this distressed bookcase perfectly fits in with any furniture of any kind and style that you like.

Black large wooden distressed bookcase

Black Large Distressed Bookcase for Modern Living Room Ideas

Want to shower your living room with a classic but stylish sprinkle?

With this trendy piece of furnishings of a black bookcase with a pair of sturdy doors, you can secure your decorating items on 6 closed shelves.

Its solid woody and magnificent glass structure will furnish a lot of appeal to your home sweet home.

Chael pine distressed bookcase

It is a pine distressed bookcase with a classic medieval style, painted in elegant black and woody texture.

Divided into two partitions, it is equipped with three open shelves at the top and shelves with extra secured doors at the bottom.

It will magically redecorate your home into the dreamy and vintage residence in an instant.

The towering height of the bookcase features a dazzling sturdy image, and it is wonderful for your living room and reading room.

Unpolished voguish wooden distressed bookcase

Unpolished Voguish Tall Wooden Distressed Bookcase with Drawers

We are often taught that mediocrity is an awful thing, but who would guess that there is an entrancing appeal in any ordinariness? Take a look at this unpolished voguish wooden distressed bookcase.

Its deliberately unvarnished finish strikes a classic touch on top of its authentic wooden texture.

The aesthetics of this distressed bookcase comes hand in hand with its versatile functionality attributed in its three spacious open shelves and three practical drawers at the bottom.

It is excellent both as display and storage room. As if another reason is required to be bewitched with this beautiful bookcase, go praise its minimalist-designed block.

Belle et classique distressed bookcase

Belle et Classique Tall White Distressed Bookcase

France is well known for its fanciful culture but it’s also a great place where you can find thousands of vintage furnishings varied in style, ranging from the extravagant Rococo style to a rather clean Neoclassical style.

This heavenly and posh light blue distressed bookcase designed in French’ notorious style provides any space of your home with a transcendent captivation displayed through its lovely glass structure and fair wooden carving.

Place it next to your working desk to lift your mood and boost the dreamy ambience in your workspace.

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