Big Home Decorating Ideas in Modern Theme

Beach Home Décor for Living Area

It is nice to have big home. It has spacious rooms for many kinds of functions. However, it does not mean having big house fully gives benefit. In fact, some people have problem when they are going to decorate the house. Since it is big, the rooms are also spacious, and decorating it can be challenging. In fact, there is good idea of decorating a big house.

Modern Living Room Décor With Arc Lamp

The idea is quite simple. It is to make the house look simple and modern. It takes the modern concept as it is quite easy to make and does not need complicated details for interior and exterior decor. For its exterior, the house is dominated by white. The building and pavement are painted in white. It gives clean look of course. Although it may seem simple, it works well to make the house look great.

Ultra Modern Bedroom Design and Décor

Then, the interior gets something interesting. Although it takes the modern and simple touch, the flooring uses wooden material. It gives luxury look in the interior, and it really makes the room have warm vibe. In this big home, wooden materials are also found in other kinds of furniture.

In term of interior design, it chooses the dominant color of white. It is just the same as the outdoor decor. However, the white only dominates wall and roofs. The furniture is actually in different colors. The dark and bold colors are chosen in order to give the character into the room. There is chandelier in the center of the room, while the house itself has two floors.

All of these details are actually simple and great, right? Having big house does not mean it must have many kinds of complicated designs and ornaments. In fact, simple and modern look works well in both exterior and interior parts. Even, it also gives good space since the big home looks clean.

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