Bathroom Cabinets with Good Design and Details

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Ideas

Cabinets always become good part in most of the rooms. Even, it becomes important stuff since it provides storages. It also happens in the bathroom. Bathroom needs storage for towels and other things. In this case, there is nice design of furniture. The bathroom cabinets can give you good references of how the cabinets can be a good part of decoration.

Floating Bathroom Vanity Cabinet in White

From the material, it has wooden material as its main part. It seems it uses plywood and other wood for the construction. Since it is wood, of course it gives good durability. Plywood is also great although it is applied inside a place with high moisture. Then, there is also glasses and metal in some parts of the furniture.

In term of design, the bathroom cabinets look great. The wooden characteristic is kept natural. It is painted in wood painting and the texture of woods is still seen clearly. It is actually a cabinet set, so there are two sinks on the cabinet. Each of the sinks is accompanied by tall mirror. There are two lighting mounted from the cabinets, and the mirror is between them. These designs are applied on both of sinks, and there is a tall cabinet between the sinks. Well, they look symmetrical.

For the lower parts of the cabinet, there are drawers. The drawers have bar of metal to open. It looks nice since the metal is dyed in golden color. Then, the lower part of each sink is made into drawers, yet it has no door. These cabinet sets look great. It has all of the functions needed from a cabinet. In term of design, it also looks nice for the room with its material, color, and details. Well, this cabinet becomes the great references. Of course, it is great to install these bathroom cabinets in your house.

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