Bar Tables and Chairs in Simple and Cheek Design

Wooden Bar Table Ideas

You can have nice spot for enjoying drinks and meals in your house. In this case, you can build a personal bar. Surely, it becomes great spot where you can relax while enjoying great taste of beverages. It also becomes alternative spots for family time or welcoming your guests. To make it perfect, having nice bar tables and chairs will work well.

Chairs and tables are important part in most of decorations. You will need them in most part of the rooms. Even, exterior area also requires these stuffs. In term of bar chairs and tables, there is interesting reference. The furniture is actually in a set. In other words, they come in the same package and they are made with the same design. Of course, it is good points, and the design looks cheek yet simple. There are no complicated details, and its simplicity really invites people to sit and spend time on them.

Then, the color is also attractive. It has nice color combination. The base one is white that’s found in the most parts of bar tables and chairs. However, the chairs have nice shade of green on the main part of chairs and the backs. In addition, white color becomes the lining around green shades. These look simple, yet attractive. The bright green applied on the chairs really refreshes the eyes as well.

In term of material, the furniture uses combination of plastic and metal. The main construction uses metal in order to provide sturdiness and durability. Then, the upper parts of chairs and tables are made of plastic. It gives good look on the furniture. Since it uses metal as the main material, the chairs can be adjusted to get proper height. Surely, these simple bar tables and chairs are great for the decoration of bar.

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