Bar Stool with Chromed Look and Simple Concept

Chromed Steel Base Bar Stool With Gray Seat

Sitting on the bar for hours can be good moment to release the stress. When it is accompanied with good drinks, it becomes perfect moment and all burdens can disappear for a while. Well, you can enjoy your life there. Somehow, this always works well to reduce the stress. In this case, actually you do not need to go to the bar every day. When you really need it, it is better to make your own bar at home. You can find the good bar stool where you can sit comfortably while enjoying your homemade cocktails.

Vintage Red Chrome Bar Stool

The suitable selection of bar stool is so important. It is not just the matter of decoration, but it also gives great function. Moreover, there is nice stool as reference. The stool looks so simple, but the good vibe of nice bar is found in its simplicity. Somehow, the stool is like inviting you to sit on it and spend your time with good glass of wine.

Chromed Bar Stools With Orange Pad

Surely, the design is so simple. It does not have complicated parts. The stool only consists of single bar as the foot and there is comfortable seat on the top of bar. On the bottom, there is rounded metal as the foundation to keep the stool table while you are sitting on it. In order to give bigger comfort, there is horizontal bar of metal mounted from the foot. Well, it is good part to rest your feet on it.

In term of color, there are no complicated choices to offer. It shows that it is made of metal, so the chromed surface is pointed out. Then, the seat is made of plastic with soft surface, and it is dyed in white. Surely, it looks simple and that’s why this stool can be so attractive. The bar stool has all parts needed to make you comfortable, but it does not make the design complicated.

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