Bar Height Table and Chairs with Functional Model and Size

Bar Height Table, Chairs and Bench

The bar uses certain table and chairs for decoration and serving. Normally, you sit next to the long table while eating. Serving directly comes from the other side. It is the most common decoration where you visit the bar alone. On the other side, some designs use bar height table and chairs in separated area. People who come with friends and family can take the seating in certain spot. Of course, their furniture is different from standard seating arrangement.

3-Piece Bar Height Table and Chairs

The bar height table and chairs have particular measurement, although it’s not standardized. In general, you will sit in high chair, and the table is reachable at slightly above your waist. The designs, style, and size are varied depending on where the table will be put. Long table that has design similar to desk is common for single bar serving. It has extended section at another side for customers to keep the feet relaxed while enjoying their drinks. The countertop is rectangular with wood or metal as material. In separated mode, the table has size for two to six people. The main difference is they can sit around from different direction toward countertop. The private table is available for one person only in the bar.

Well, the chairs in bar or pub are different from regular one, although the function is similar. The bar owners need chairs to fit into room style, and it is very functional. Simple chair is stool without back to hold the body and armrest. This is the simplest option if the bar is for fast serving. People come and go easily, but still comfortable while drinking and enjoying the meal. Separated tables use the same chair style with few adjustments. You can see the chairs with high stand above normal. Your feet does not touch the floor, but still comfortable while facing countertop. Sometimes, the chair is mounted to protect from bar fight. In that case, bar height table and chairs are specifically locked down that cannot move around easily.

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