Balcony Furniture for Functionality and Artistic Sides

Wooden Balcony Furniture With Ottoman

Balcony becomes favorite place to enjoy the fresh air. Modern house adopts balcony style since long time ago for several purposes. As a part of extended section, you can add few furnishings, such as sofas, coffee table, chair, small table, even storage. The balcony furniture must be functional, practical, and capable to withstand any weather.

5-Piece Wicker Balcony Furniture With Outdoor Rug

Keep in mind balcony in this article refers to extended part in housing area or apartment. Both might be different but have close similarity. The apartment uses balcony to extend certain parts of the room. This place uses sliding door and windows to separate the outdoor and indoor area. Mostly, balcony is also a part of hotel or building for residential. In housing, balcony can be at the lower or upper floor. However, the space is limited, not the vast outdoor area at the roof. It is only extended part from certain part of floor. Lower balcony is usually called porch or terrace, except it is integrated directly to the floor with slightest separation.

Balcony furniture consists of two major categories: permanent and removable ones. Permanent furniture means you cannot remove it after the installation is done. If you need to get rid of them, it takes extra effort and time. However, this kind of furniture is mostly designed for outdoor. You can choose bench, sofas, sectional chair, and small table. Moreover, the removable furniture is easy to move around. In fact, you can use it for indoor and outdoor area. The main difference is the durability, especially when the furniture is exposed to the harsh weather. This kind of furniture is fragile and will be depraved if you forget to put it back inside the house.

In addition, sofa is other common furniture for balcony. You can transform this section into secondary living room area. Certain houses are designed with balcony at the front side. To make it more reliable as balcony furniture, the sofa should have roof or canopy to protect it from direct sunlight, cold wind, and dust.

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