Backyard and the Things Related to this Space

Backyard Outdoor Furniture Set

Having backyard at house is the precious thing because you have a space to enjoy fresh air. Since now the housing is not cheap, small house is the top choice, and the backyard is not vast as ranch. Decorating this area requires knowledge and information. To put it in simple definition, backyard is commonly referred to area located behind the house that still has soil. The size depends on what you have, but the key feature is the open area while you still have enough places to plant trees or flowers. Backyard decoration will be a part of landscape and exterior design.

Backyard Dining Area

Several years ago, the land was cheap. With the vast area, a house was usually at the center of the land itself. It gave more lands at surround to do gardening. In countries with four seasons, this kind of house had the advantage during winter and summer. The vast land provided more lighting to penetrate the house. On the other side, gardening became enjoyable activity because it did not have to go far away. Due to new construction and settlement regulation, the vast land turns into city, and people don’t have enough space for gardening. Well, backyard is no longer what old time refers, but now the area is literally at back of the house itself. The house is built slightly near the street at front with enough porch. On backside, the homeowner can still keep the garden, and surely it’s more private.

Cottage Backyard With Comfy Seating

In modern time, backyard is more practical particularly in the city. Even though rural area still has enough land, building becomes closer and keeps no land at surrounding. People do such thing to protect each other, and it’s a part of regulation related to residential area. On the other hand, this kind of house makes backyard more accessible. You can decorate and redesign without spending more costs. Limited space is easy to adjust and turn into new design anytime.

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