All You Need to Know about Chenille Bedspreads

Beige Chenille Bedspread Ideas

For your information, the name chenille bedspreads come from the process of making the fabric. The tufted look as its characteristic is gained when the fabric is covered around a core of yarn. This fabric is originally from France and already produced since the 18th century.

Dark Green Chenille Bedspread Ideas

In fact, Chenille is commonly used as draperies or to cover the furniture. The patterned chenille bedspread is very popular during the mid-20th century. Until today, many people are still being a big fan of this fabric. Moreover, it is made through variety of textiles. The most popular ones are rayon, cotton, olefin, and polyester. Chenille as a furniture cover is so popular since it can give two benefits at one time: to give beautiful look and to maintain good condition for the furniture.

Ivory and White Chenille Bedspread

When purchasing chenille fabric or chenille bedspreads, it is important to consider the aesthetics and properties. If you use it as a furniture cover, try to imagine first whether it can match well for the piece or not. Some chenille has symmetrical and large pattern. This type is perfect as a quilt or bedspread. In contrast, it is not suitable to be used as chair cover as the pattern may be eaten up.

When you purchase this bedspread, you need to know the right method to clean or maintain its condition. Certain types need different treatment. For example, there is chenille that’s made from cotton. This type is fine to be washed by using a washing machine. However, please note that you need to dry it flat. Besides, cotton chenille also tends to fade unevenly if you use it in sunny areas. Therefore, consider the arrangement of your bed as well before using this fabric as bedspread. Just remember the wrong placement might cause the chenille bedspreads to get bad look easily.

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